Dec 23, 2014

2014 almost over .. What’s your fitness plans for 2015?

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As we descend upon Christmas 2014, we generally have tendencies to want to go out and party and over indulge ourselves in food and snacks on offer. Hey, I’m not saying anything wrong with it either, have a blast go and enjoy yourselves but have you thought what are you going to do in 2015, have you considered your goals yet or are you going to wait until December 31st?

Go and enjoy Christmas but you have to start thinking ahead to the New Year, however before you do you have to ask yourselves how far did last year’s New Year’s resolutions last?

The typical one being did you take out a brand new gym membership on the first working day in January with the intention of getting in the best shape of your life only for this to fizzle out way before end of February because of all that effort you put into the gym didn’t bring you the results you were expecting?

This is very common. Year on year many people of all walks of life they join the gym in January paying a lot of money each month for memberships they will hardly use for the rest of the year because they got burned out and frustrated.

They got burned out and frustrated because the corporate gym trainer gave them a programme which they initially got great results but the results reached a plateau and little was achieved beyond that.

The key is when you embark on your new fitness goals for 2015, the key is to eat and train smarter, keep your exercise routines interesting. You do this by getting a lot more done in shorter durations, you can find out how key weight training exercises will burn more fat than long and boring cardio sessions your gym instructor has given you.

It is also a total myth that women don’t benefit from the same weight training exercises thinking lifting weights will make them muscular and they will no longer be feminine, no that’s definitely not true.

Overall, If you wish to learn the most effective ways to lose that weight, lose that belly fat and have a flat, toned stomach even if you aren’t necessarily after a six pack then you will get the knowledge you need for the right diet and exercise plans here on this blog to lose that belly fat.

Remember, if your fitness plans failed in previous years then please ask yourself what are you going to do differently in 2015 to achieve your fitness goals this time?

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Dec 1, 2010

The Best Training & Nutrition Guides Online For Fat Loss & Muscle Building

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review – Learn The Best & No Hype Ways To Lose Belly Fat Forever!

If you are looking for the usual miracle solution you see all over the internet promising you instant six pack abs without exercise and a sound nutrition plan then the guides featured in this blog aren’t for you.

However, if you are looking to achieve the best physique you ever had by putting what you learn into practice following the exercise plans in the gym and nutrition plans based on well informed everyday food choices not supplements then this is definitely for you so read on:

Number # Rated Abs Program On The Internet

If you’ve tried for years to shift that stubborn belly fat without success then The Truth About Six Pack Abs is definitely for you if you want to reach beyond past frustrations to losing the stubborn belly fat for a flat stomach and ripped six pack abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is an effective program for anyone who wants ripped six pack abs that is achievable to anyone regardless of age & gender. It can be done without endless crunches, long boring cardio sessions and without the hyped up supplements heavily marketed by the fitness industry – You will be glad to discover there is a more effective way to your goal of a lean body without any of these.

The expert workout and nutrition information which will work for you no matter your gender, age and if you have never exercised before or have exercised for years, you will get results beyond your expectations as many will testify.

Not only will you have a body to be proud of you will also become very much diet and training savvy. Start learning and training to become a better and happier you! Keep reading to learn more:

The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

If you want to get lean, ripped, have sexy six pack abs no matter your age or gender and stay this way or even just simply seeking a no gimmick, no hype effective weight loss system then this is for you…. The The Truth About Six Pack Abs is authored by Mike Geary, a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

You will learn from reading The Truth About Six Pack Abs the myths on doing hours worth of cardio, thousands of sit ups daily to achieve six pack abs and get that elusive lean body are nothing more than a myth which leaves people disappointed and discouraged. Ab belts and other ab rolling gadgets are also a waste of money that wont get the lean body you desire.

A proper effective exercise program and the right diet information is what you need. You don’t get results without real work. To achieve the lean body you desire and those elusive six pack abs it starts with nutrition which are the right food choices not spending hard earned money on the heavily marketed expensive supplements the health and fitness industry pushes at you.

A lean body can be achieved no matter your age or gender and it reveals weight training exercises are more effective for fat loss than hours doing boring cardio.

Ladies will also benefit from the weight training exercises in The Truth About Six Pack Abs for effective weight loss and it’s not true that weight training leads to a more masculine appearance but in practice is much more effective than doing the same pace long and boring cardio routine on the treadmill which is proven to only achieve limited results that lead to discouragement.

You will also learn you don’t need to spend hours in the gym each day which is actually does more harm than good. You will be pleased to learn that 45 minutes for a workout session is all you need.

As already stated it’s the diet plan in combination that’s the key to results which if you follow the guide as closely as possible guarantees results. The Truth About Six Pack Abs will reveal to you in no uncertain terms to achieve the lean body and six pack abs you have to work and be disciplined to achieve the results you desire but once you see those results you will be able to maintain that lean body for life.

This is not for those who think this is an easy quick fix with no work involved but you can achieve quick results depending on how you apply yourself by closely following the information in The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

I only wish this guide was around over a decade ago when I started working out, with hindsight I wouldn’t have spent those excessive hours in the gym and all those foods I ate I thought were healthy but actually contributed to weight gain such as pasta and typical breakfast cereals which I certainly wouldn’t have eaten with hindsight. The Truth About Six Pack Abs is currently available for a discounted trial price so you don’t have to pay in full from the outset and customer service is most helpful as I lost my copy of this guide through a computer crash and I was instantly given a replacement copy – always remember to back up your most valuable information as you never know when a computer hard drive failure will occur.

Overall, Mike Geary excels with the The Truth About Six Pack Abs and Mike certainly knows what he’s talking about developing a six pack in the shortest time possible using a few simple and effective routines.

If you’re looking to get lean, ripped with amazing six pack abs then The Truth About Six Pack Abs is for you and there are very many testimonials for The Truth About Six Pack Abs on the internet.

You can get the program on a $4.95 trial offer option and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you know you’re getting you’re money’s worth – The Truth About Six Pack Abs Testimonials and now there is The Truth About Six Pack Abs Video Coaching.

Number # Rated Abs Program On The Internet

CLick Here To Access The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program and To The Order Page

For Women: You may prefer this flat belly program at The DietSolution – a presentation well worthy of your attention with so much quality information, you will learn a lot from watching this alone – Click Here To See The Presentation

Building Muscle: If your goal is more geared to gaining muscle then check out the following from Vincent Del Monte who was a skinny guy that desperately wanted to improve his physique for many years trying everything until he discovered the right way to gaining muscle. Read more about the No Nonsense Muscle Building Guide

A few of the must read expert articles by Mike Geary below that’ll give you insight into his amazing knowledge & experience as a certified nutritionist and personal trainer:

Why Excess Abdominal Fat Is Not Only Ugly But Extremely Dangerous To Your Health

The 3 Foods You Must Stop Eating

Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?

The Salad Dressing You Must Never Use

The One Unique Spice To Beat Abdominal Fat

Canola Oil – – Is It Healthy Or Bad For You?

The 3 Best Abdominal Exercises that Are NOT Your “Normal” Ab Exercises

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